Extract Data FromACORD Forms

ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) Forms enable the efficient and effective flow of data among all stakeholders across the insurance value chain. Base64.ai is a member of the non-profit ACORD Organization. Our AI extracts all data from multi-page and complex ACORD forms whether they are digital or scanned.

Document type

ACORD 25 form

Most used ACORD forms include:

  • ACORD 23: Vehicle or equipment certificate of insurance form
  • ACORD 24: Certificate of property insurance form
  • ACORD 25: Certificate of liability insurance form
  • ACORD 27: Evidence of property insurance form
  • ACORD 28: Evidence of commercial property insurance form
  • ACORD 101: Additional remarks schedule form
  • ACORD 125: Commercial insurance application form
  • ACORD 126: Commercial general liability section form
  • ACORD 130: Workers compensation application form
  • ACORD 131: Umbrella excess section form
  • ACORD 160: Business owners section form
  • ACORD 3101: Additional remarks schedule form

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