Extract Signaturesfrom your Documents

Detect, extract, and verify signatures from documents and images for signature verification.


The benefits of automated
signatures processing

  • Extract all signatures on a document in seconds

  • Match signatures between documents

  • Compatible for any document type

How does Signature AI work?

Trusting and verifying the legitimacy of signatures doesn't have to be a long process. Signature AI is a great documenting process AI that compares multiple signatures in seconds. There is no manual comparison, no margin for error, and a great way to validate and detect signatures of various document forms

Using signature detection AI is a simple and effective way for companies to detect signatures on contracts, forms, passports, and more. It's as simple as uploading the document and then scanning it to make sure that there are no issues.

Signature matching is very similar in terms of process, but the end outcome is that it compares signatures on documents to make sure that they are a match. This is a simple way to check signatures on important documents to determine that they are a match without having to rely on guessing or human judgment, or error. Most times, these quick AI solutions are used for comparing contracts on signatures, passports, and other important documents.

Why does signature matching matter?

Matching signatures is key to proving the legitimacy of a document. These could be legal documents, documents needed for travel, or anything else of such importance.

Signature matching is peace of mind for signatures to occur and be compared, even if the actual documents aren't physically there. This type of AI data scanning would be great for airport use, law enforcement, lawyers, and larger companies that do a lot of document sending and signing. It adds an extra layer of protection and helps to protect companies from legal troubles or issues.

Companies who use signature matching for their documentation are proving that they're taking the best steps to provide safe and securely signed documents. This can help businesses grow in trust with other companies because it proves that they're interested in making sure that they don't have false signatures of forgeries happening.

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