Case Study: Processing Insurance Forms Accurately 500x Faster With AI

Team on March 16, 2022

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Industry: Risk Management
Customer persona: CTO
Location: United States
Company size: Mid-market (800-1000 employees)
Use case: ACORD 25 Processing
• Thousands of ACORD 25 forms are processed in real-time per day
• Improved customer experience with 99.7% accuracy rate
• ACORD 25 form processing time reduced to 5 seconds, saving thousands of FTE hours


A well-known insurance technology company handles ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance (COI) forms that specifies the insurance types and the coverage amounts. ACORD forms and certificates are used regularly by property and casualty insurance carriers in the U.S. This form is essential for risk management between suppliers and their partners, and processing them accurately in a timely manner is critical.

The sheer number of ACORD 25 forms (hundreds of thousands per month!) that this company needed to process made the task daunting for the client’s risk management team. The team had been meticulously reviewing every form manually for accuracy, which took a considerable amount of time and effort. Being a technology innovator, the client sought a breakthrough in automation that would simplify and streamline its process while also lowering overhead costs for their clients and themselves.

How Seamlessly Integrates with Your Claims Processing

Most OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions cannot handle complex documents, especially ACORD 25 forms, which have 93 unique fields on a single page. The task of manually inputting and verifying 93 unique fields into databases or spreadsheets is even more cumbersome. was chosen to automate this workflow with a powerful machine learning solution to rapidly and accurately process the documents. Low Code No Code Integration

With the low code capability of, the customer completed an API integration that allowed them to send ACORD 25 documents and the requirements directly to’s OCR engine for document classification and data extraction.’s proprietary method of translating documents into key-value pairs enables this automation for all document types. automatically recognizes ACORD 25 forms, extracts all 93 fields, compares the extracted data against the operator’s requirements, and highlights fields that do not match in just a few seconds. This is an indispensable tool for any company processing COI forms, saving thousands of FTE hours.

All data was effortlessly extracted and passed through securely into the client’s existing workflow for processing, ensuring that forms were completed quickly and accurately. The end-to-end automation cut down on time and eliminated human error for the client. This breakthrough enabled the client to deliver comprehensive COI verification faster than ever before, speeding up their response time to clients. Has Become an Important Technology Partner in the Insurance Industry developed an intelligent document processing solution that easily accommodates ACORD and other common insurance forms. AI-powered automation improves insurance operations’ efficiency, speed in response time, accuracy in data entry, and the customer experience in claims management and insurance processes.

With the power of, businesses can benefit from this new document processing standard. Contact us today to learn how our solution can help your company with intelligent document processing.