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See for yourself how processes all types of documents, and recognizes people in photos and live camera feeds. Try the Flow Manager for validating AI results, tuning the data extraction settings, and no-code integrations to third-party services.

Document AI extracts and validates the data in all types of documents.

Speed up document processing by automatically extracting text, tables, data, faces, and signatures

Understand Documents >

Validate the data extraction results, import & export data using 400+ no-code integrations.

Review & Integrate >

Anonymize personal and sensitive information from all kind of documents such as IDs, forms, and contracts etc.

Redact documents >

Help stop the spread of Covid-19 by validating Covid-19 vaccination cards with IDs, driver licenses, or passports

Validate Covid-19 vaccination >

Validate ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance form against the minimum requirements

Validate ACORD 25 >

Face AI recognizes and verifies faces on documents and images.

Extract faces from any document including IDs, driver licenses, and passports

Facial recognition >

Compare faces on documents with selfies to automate user onboarding and KYC

Facial verification >

Secure your workplace by identifying unwanted guests using the existing cameras, webcams, or any smartphone

Camera Tracking >

Register employees in your secure facial verification account for enhanced physical security

Store Face Data >

Signature AI recognizes, extracts, and verifies signatures on documents and images.

Extract signatures from any document including forms, contracts, and IDs

Signature recognition >

Compare signatures on multiple documents to verify signature authenticity

Signature verification >

No-code AI allows rapid integration without coding.

Allow users to fill forms on your website with a document upload

Add AI to your website >

Allow users to upload documents directly into your systems

Create smart forms >