Extract Barcodesfrom your Documents

Learn more about Base64.ai and our powerful IDP capabilities for PDF417 barcodes. Whether you need to process products, IDs, or documents, our barcode AI solution will allow your business to reduce employee training time, eliminate human error, and track data rapidly

PFD417 Barcode

The benefits of automated
barcodes processing

  • Boost accuracy and consistency

  • Process more with less

  • Track your information and validate the data

How we process Barcodes?

As a method to track and store information for thousands to millions of items, barcodes are used to display a visual representation of large quantities of data. Using a machine-readable representation of numerals and characters, barcodes cut costs, reduce file sizes, and eliminate manual data entry.

Base64.ai can process many barcodes including PDF417 barcodes in driver's licenses and QR codes as a fast and efficient way to extract all key-value pairs. Simply upload a photo of your barcodes, validate your data in seconds, and send your results to your database. Our barcode AI recognizes barcodes on IDs, driver's licenses, passports, visas, vehicle registrations, checks, and all other documents with barcodes.

Learn how innovative companies use our AI

Our customers save thousands of employee hours per month using our AI to process even the most complex documents in seconds with 99.7% accuracy.