Extract Facesfrom your Documents

Replace manual user verification with our fast & reliable AI. Recognize and verify faces on documents and images. Facial Verification AI is the perfect way to compare faces in documents and for ID verification.



The benefits of automated
faces processing

  • Crosscheck images to validate identity

  • Compare images with your database

  • Recognize users at different angles or with changing facial structures

What is Facial Verification?

Facial Verification AI is the perfect way to compare faces on documents and for ID verification. When it comes to AI solutions, this is a great way to determine if a person and their ID are a match. It's a fast and secure way to scan all sorts of IDs, from driver's licenses to passports, visas, and more.

The verification software is as easy as uploading the document and an image or picture and determining if they are a match. When you can use a powerful tool to verify documents, data, and more, it's a simple and effective way to ensure that there aren't false documents or information being presented.

Facial verification takes away the need for manual identification and puts AI automation at the forefront. This process is fast, reliable, and simple.

How does Facial Verification work?

The process starts with recognizing faces on both documents. If one or more inputs has no faces, the verification provides an error. If both inputs have faces, the AI compares 128 data points on each face and creates a similarity score.

If the score is above a given threshold, the AI considers the faces matching and returns a positive verification result.

Facial verification AI can be used for so many things. It can be used to track employees, log school attendance, fraud prevention, and even Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Having the option for facial recognition is a great way to prove safety and security to those using your services. It can be used on apps, in person, and in dealing with anything online.

Using artificial intelligence like facial recognition means that the same type of software and procedures can easily be used company-wide. This ensures that policies and procedures are followed and that the same security and protocols are in place. It also cuts down on the amount of time spent trying to manually identify and reduces human errors and mistakes.

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