Automate Data Extraction withNo-code AI

Allow users to fill in forms on your website with a document upload that puts documents directly into your systems quickly!

The benefits of our no-code solutions

  • Integrate in less than 2 hours

  • No coding or AI experience required

  • Suitable for desktop and mobile processes

Our No-Code Solutions

No-code allows users to integrate solutions without the need for engineering support. Businesses looking for a fast and inexpensive way to start processing their data can use No-Code AI, and automate their document processing without any coding experience or training required.

Any user without programming experience can use to automate document processing with a few clicks. Without any programming knowledge, can be integrated into your existing environment in less than two hours. Once you embed our no-code solution into your existing environment, processing your documents with IDP will save you time, eliminate human validation errors, boost accuracy, and reduce expenses.

Learn how innovative companies use our AI

Our customers save thousands of employee hours per month using our AI to process even the most complex documents in seconds with 99.7% accuracy.