Improve Images withImage Quality AI

Enhance image quality with's powerful AI capabilities to reduce the impact of glare and blur on any document type. Try it out: upload a document and will detect imperfections to boost processing accuracy. Works with any type of ID.

The benefits of automated Image Quality AI

  • Use AI to recognize imperfections in the documents you process

  • Avoid low-quality images by notifying users before they submit

  • Eliminate hard-to-read documents and reduce verification time

How our Image Quality AI works?

Often users may upload images that don't have the best quality, which may be below the acceptable level. Using flash in a photo creates a glare that may cover the text on a document. Shaking hands, low lighting, or shutter speeds may prevent focused images. Image Quality AI detects blur and glare instantly. Our API results list any imperfection it notices and displays this data to inform the user that a new photo must be taken, or that the reason for the inaccuracy is correlated to the quality of the image. Therefore, using Image Quality AI can help businesses eliminate back-and-forths due to low-quality images, and boost the speed, and accuracy of their workflow.

Learn how innovative companies use our AI

Our customers save thousands of employee hours per month using our AI to process even the most complex documents in seconds with 99.7% accuracy.