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Base64.ai's embedded Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature identifies important information from any document. Our AI extracts named entities (NER), such as people, organizations, locations, and dates so you can easily categorize key information.



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The benefits of automated
entities processing

  • Powerful extraction in multiple languages

  • Extract data without the need for templates

  • Recognize more than 10 different types of entities

How we recognize entities?

Entity recognition is the process of identifying and extracting specific pieces of information from unstructured data such as text or speech. It involves recognizing and classifying entities such as names, dates, locations, organizations, and other relevant information.

Base64.ai's Entity Recognition AI uses machine learning algorithms to accurately identify and extract entities from various sources of data. We can recognize and classify entities in a variety of contexts and languages, making it easier for businesses to extract valuable insights from their data.

Our Entity Recognition AI can be used to streamline various business processes such as document processing, customer service, and data analysis.

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