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Helping industries get work faster with AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing

Our Mission

At Base64.ai, We are building an automated document processing AI platform that is easy to use, secure, integrated, and suitable for all document types. We want to enhance manual document review and data entry processes with AI-powered solutions. We help our customers to instantly process documents, scale operations volume, boost data entry accuracy, and cut costs.


Base64.ai is backed by top Silicon Valley investors, including Sequoia CapitalLong Journey VenturesZero Prime (formerly, Data Community Fund), and Gaingels. For the full list, please visit us on CrunchBase.

Sequoia CapitalLong Journey VenturesZero PrimeGaingels

Base64.ai Story

Every company has a story. Our founder Ozan Bilgen (a Silicon Valley veteran who has been at IBM, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and Palantir) witnessed firsthand how manual document processing caused operational delays, customer complaints, and compliance problems even at the most revolutionary companies in Silicon Valley. Existing solutions addressed only a few document types. Old-school engineering methods were not able to understand complex and unstructured documents. Employing hundreds of people was the traditional way to process documents...

When we started Base64.ai Document Understanding AI in January 2020, we focused on building a holistic AI that can automatically process all document types, not just a few of them. Our team utilized the latest advancements in technology. Base64.ai pioneered in merging the power of Cloud Computing with the potential of Large Language Models, Generative AI, and Transformer Neural Networks. We created the first AI that understands complex documents, such as PDFs that contain multiple documents. We voluntarily held ourself accountable to ISO, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR certifications to demonstrate our commitment to data security and privacy. Base64.ai has registered its revolutionary AI technology with multiple US patent applications in intelligent document processing. In time, Base64.ai has achieved near-perfect accuracy (over 99%) for most document types. Today Base64.ai is used in various banks, insurance companies, RPA platforms, and even in other competitive Document AI offerings!

Read the Base64.ai Blog and listen one of our podcasts to hear our vision on the future of office with AI,
the "White Collar AI".

ESG Criteria

We care deeply about environmental, social, and governance principles


  • We are a software technology company with minimum physical footprint and environmental impact.
  • We reduce carbon emissions with our fully remote team across the US, Europe, APAC, and LATAM.
  • We help reducing paper waste with AI. Less paper, less water usage.


  • ISO, SOC-2, HIPAA, and GDPR certified: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of business conduct and information security.
  • We have zero tolerance for bribery, corruption, or harassment.
  • We don't accept investors that are backed by government funds.


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