is Now HIPAA Certified!

Team on June 29, 2022

Cover image of is Now HIPAA Certified! is proud to announce that we have achieved the prestigious status of HIPAA certification! This is a testament to our dedication to privacy and security in the workplace, and employee education, as well as our commitment to accountability and the adaptability of our practices. As a forward-thinking leader in the intelligent document processing space, is aware of the responsibility that comes with handling patient information on a daily basis. Our HIPAA certification status gives patients and providers alike the peace of mind that they can trust with their most sensitive data.

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law enacted with the goal of protecting sensitive patient health information. In order to implement the requirements of this act, The Department of Health and Human Services issued the HIPAA Privacy Rules. HIPAA Security rules protect a subset of information covered by the Privacy Rule.

What does it mean to be HIPAA Certified?

In order to achieve HIPAA certification, an organization must have been found to meet the standards of both the Privacy and Security rules mandated by HIPAA. Being HIPAA compliant means that an organization has the right measures in place to ensure the security of sensitive patient data.

What are the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules?

The HIPAA Privacy Rules address the use of sensitive patient information. They also contain standards for an individual’s control on how their information is used. HIPAA security rules refer to information created, transmitted, or received, including in the electronic form, also referred to as Protected Health Information (PHI). Compliance with these rules is important to ensure that proper security measures are maintained while technology plays an ever more prominent role in our everyday lives.

How hard is it to achieve HIPAA Certification?

Achieving HIPAA certification is no easy feat, that’s why we are so proud of our certification status! Obtaining this certification typically takes six months to a year, and is only possible with the right procedures in place. In order to be HIPAA certified, an organization must have programs in place for self-audits, remediation, employee HIPAA compliance training, as well as documentation of business associates, and incident management. HIPAA compliance is not a one-and-done procedure either, but rather an ongoing process requiring regular evaluations and adjustments.

Why is HIPAA Certification so Important?

HIPAA certification ensures that sensitive personal data from healthcare documents are properly protected from unauthorized disclosure. By following the mandates of HIPAA, organizations ensure the confidentiality of information of patients. This certification status is a product of hard work on the organization’s end toward patient privacy and security.’s commitment to patient information security

Due to the ever-growing use of electronic healthcare records (EHR), any company handling sensitive records must commit to proper practices to ensure patient information is secure. is proud to work with cutting-edge healthcare providers with the automation of their documents, such as Summary of Benefits and Coverage , Explanation of Benefits, and medical insurance IDs and.’s HIPAA certification is a pledge to patient informational security, and proof that technological advancements don’t need to come at the expense of this security.

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