Case Study: Healthcare Innovator Sets New Industry Standard with Cutting-Edge AI

Team on March 17, 2022

Cover image of Case Study: Healthcare Innovator Sets New Industry Standard with Cutting-Edge AI

Industry: Healthcare
Customer persona: VP of Product
Location: United States
Company size: Mid-market (300-500 employees)
Use case: SBC form automation
• Multi-page complex SBC forms are processed in real-time
• 99.96% accuracy rate
• SBC form processing time reduced from days to 30 second


A well-known technology leader in the healthcare industry had been looking for advancements in the automation of document processing. The process of verifying widely-used documents, such as the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) forms, can be fraught with errors and time-consuming for companies. SBC forms are essential for helping consumers compare costs and coverages between plans. Verifying SBC forms can result in days-long delays for many companies due to the sheer volume and complexity of documents.

As an innovator in the industry, this healthcare company wanted to get ahead with a better solution for its clients. This included verifying information quickly, while simultaneously approving documents accurately– which was not available at a competitive price, until now. As a customer-centric healthcare leader, state-of-the-art solutions like would significantly improve processing workflow, providing an enhanced customer experience that would best its competitors. SBC Processing Solution

In 2021, partnered with this healthcare innovation powerhouse to set a new standard for SBC form processing in the industry. developed a new machine learning model that can accurately understand and extract data from SBC forms while accounting for significant variability in the document formats.’s onboarding support team worked closely, and quickly with the client’s support team until the new model and AI training was completed. After implementation, reduced the processing time for SBC forms from days to less than 30 seconds at an impressive 99.96% accuracy rate.

This milestone has set a new standard by providing a unique solution to significant issues found in document processing across the entire industry. Now, this healthcare innovator’s SBC documents are being accurately processed and verified in real-time within seconds, at a competitive price, resulting in an industry-leading customer experience. has Become a Vital Part of the Verification Process in the Healthcare Industry

A new document automation solution would typically take healthcare insurers weeks to integrate. However, with’s easy-to-use API, integration takes less than an hour and is completed at a fraction of the cost. Healthcare clients integrating with inject one line of code into their existing website or app to allow users to process almost any document with high accuracy in real-time with a single API call. The solution can handle images, multi-page PDF and Word documents, and Zip files. As a result, has drastically reduced the time and cost involved in healthcare document process automation.

With the power of, businesses like this innovative healthcare company have created a new standard in the industry for processing any form or document. Contact us today to learn how our solution can help your company with intelligent document processing.