Pay per Use Pricing
1 credit for face detection and most document types

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Credit usage per document and request type

Document typeUsage
OCR, card-type documents (IDs, DLs, permits), travel documents (passports, visas)1 credit per page
Healthcare documents (SMART Health Cards, Covid-19 vaccination cards, health insurance, SBC)1 credit per page
Financial documents (invoices, checks, remittance, receipts), vehicle documents (registration, insurance)2 credits per page
Unmodelled documents (semantic processing)2 credits per page
ACORD forms5 credits per page
Generic AI models (face, signature, barcode, table, form, checkbox, Real ID, caption, and watermark)1 credit per page
Additional AI services (text-to-speech, redaction, validation)1 additional credit
API enhancements (no-code solutions, human-in-the-loop, document object model, optional data storage)Free
Integrating API results with third parties (file storages, databases, CSV/Excel, XML, SAAS, API, webhooks)Free
Operational APIs (user settings, usage, health check, login)Free
Mock APIs for testingFree

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