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Base64.ai can automate your form processing by identifying the labels and extracting the corresponding values. Please contact us for your custom forms.

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The benefits of automated
forms document processing

  • Quick and easy processing

  • Reduce expensive human errors

  • Higher customer satisfaction

How we process Forms?

Processing with our Form AI allows you to extract data from all types of forms, including your custom forms that our AI has not seen before. This makes it easier to identify data values with high accuracy which provides a quick and simple process that reduces the margin of error.

Form AI is a unique solution that can be set up to scan a large variety of forms and focus on specific areas of the documents if needed. It can scan customer intake forms, shipping documents, legal documents, and more - all at a fraction of the cost of manual data entry.

Learn how innovative companies use our AI

This healthcare leader saved thousands of employee hours per month and decreased SBC form processing time from days to seconds at 99.7% accuracy.